NLGF Conference: Outing Exclusion, Sat 16 Feb 2013

1st national conference addressing poverty, social exclusion &
multiple disadvantage amongst LGBT people.

The National Lesbian & Gay Federation (NLGF) in conjunction with Dublin City Council Social Inclusion Unit and The Community Foundation for Ireland is organising the first conference in Ireland to examine the issues of poverty and social exclusion in the LGBT community.

The event will explore how issues relating to poverty, economic inequality and multiple disadvantage impact upon LGBT people. The conference will also act as a platform for LGBT organisations and anti-poverty/community development organisations to discuss solutions to address poverty and inequality amongst LGBT people.

Keynote international guest: Anna Grodzka, MP, Poland, trans-rights & LGBT campaigner

With the participation of:
• The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed
• Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI)
• European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland
• Age & Opportunity
• West Training & Development Ltd.
• Dundalk Outcomers
• BelonG To

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