Month: May 2014

National LGBT Federation 35 Anniversary

New film charts 35 years of LGBT activism in Ireland

First established in 1979, NXF is a vital part of the LGBT community in Ireland and is the oldest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender NGO in the country. For 35 years it has been campaigning for equality and tackling discrimination, as well as publishing Gay Community News (GCN) for the past 26 years.

#35NXF The NLGF celebrated it’s 35th Anniversary in February 2014. The anniversary event took place during LGBT History Month when we took a look back at the many milestones and achievements in our proud history. In a nod to the future, the NLGF also rebranded under the new name; National LGBT Federation (NXF for short), at the 35th Anniversary Event. Exciting times!