Month: April 2015

NXF launches YESX10 Campaign

Launch of YesX10 for Marriage Equality

Today, one month from referendum day on May 22nd, the National LGBT Federation (NXF) has launched the ‘YesX10 for Marriage Equality’ Campaign. This campaign asks every individual to take personal responsibility for getting at least TEN people to the poll to vote YES in the upcoming marriage equality referendum.

Olivia McEvoy, Chair of the NXF, stated:

Marriage Equality matters to different people for different reasons. For some it’s about allowing people to live in dignity, cherished and celebrated for who and what they are. For others it’s simply about allowing people to express their love fully. And for many, it is about creating a more equal society, where everyone can participate and fulfil their full potential. Marriage equality is good for business, good for the individual, and above all, good for family and society as a whole.

Ms McEvoy continued:

The NXF believes this referendum will be won if people have the courage to tell the people they know about why marriage equality matters to them. Ultimately, it’s your own personal story that matters to your people, and only you can make sure your ten people vote yes on the day.’

With this in mind, the NXF’s ‘YesX10 for Marriage Equality’ Campaign is asking everyone who wants to secure a YES vote to make sure ten of your colleagues, your friends, your family members come out on the 22nd May and vote a resounding YES for marriage equality. ‘If every one of us in this community and our allies have conversations with ten people we know about voting YES, if every one of us secures ten YES votes and takes responsibility for bringing those ten people to the poll to vote YES, it could well make the difference on the day’ Ms McEvoy said.

YesX10 for Marriage Equality’ materials, including a card to help you gather your 10 people, are all available for download at


NXF: The National Lesbian and Gay Federation re-branded as the National LGBT Federation on February 21st, 2014. The organisation should be referred to as the ‘National LGBT Federation’ wherever possible. Where an acronym is necessary, please use NXF. Please do not use NLGBTF.

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