Day: December 22, 2020

LGBTI+ community experienced greater hardship due to lockdown, finds report from LGBT Ireland, NXF and GCN

LGBT Ireland, together with the National LGBT Federation (NXF) and Gay Community News (GCN) released the LGBTI+ Life in Lockdown Survey Report on Friday 27th November.

Amongst other findings, the survey of 1,855 members of the LGBT Community has shown that 62% experienced a decline in their mental health during lockdown, substantially higher than the impacts reported in the general population in recent surveys.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused incredible hurt, damage and loss across all aspects of society around the world. While everyone has felt the impact, some communities are hit worse than others, whether by the virus itself or by its knock-on effects.

The LGBTI+ Community already endures the injustice of discrimination and inequality, and the results from this snapshot survey show that the pandemic and lockdown has hit the LGBTI+ community much harder than the general population.

The voices represented in the report highlight the struggles of LGBTI+ people who are additionally marginalised including LGBTI+ migrants, Traveller and Roma, refugees, older, living with a long-term disability, or other intersectional identities. These groups have been the most impacted amongst the LGBTI+ community.

The LGBTI+ community rely on community spaces, social connections, and the ability to take pride in their identities, together. The community has suffered so many different forms of loss throughout this pandemic, and for many it is difficult to see the end in sight.

LGBT Ireland, NXF and GCN are grateful to the people who shared their perspectives on how this global health crisis has affected their physical and mental health, how the sudden social isolation has impacted their lives and relationships and how the situation has further exacerbated existing inequalities. The insights from this research will help to design the support and educational services provided by the vital LGBTI+ groups across the country.

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