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The GALAS – LGBT+ Awards

Date announced for the 9th annual GALAS, Ireland’s LGBT+ Awards

The 2020 GALAS will take place in Dublin, Saturday, February 8th in the ROUND ROOM, Mansion House.

This year we have a range of tickets to suit every budget- prices start at €35 plus booking fee. You can buy your tickets online here from the seat map!

Cocktails and Canapes from 7 pm- 8 pm
Awards from 8pm- 9.30pm/10pm
Disco with Special Guests from 10.30 pm
with last orders at Bar at 1.30 am

There will be table service during the event.

You can see photos of last year's event on the GALAS site here.

The GALAS were created in 2009 by GCN and the National LGBT Federation (NXF) to honour those who work towards a better future for LGBT+ people in Ireland. They are here to encourage and reward those LGBT+ people who give of themselves for the greater good of their community, to show them that their efforts do not go unsung and that they are an incredible resource which we all value beyond measure.

The GALAS also celebrate people in public life who have committed themselves to equality and positive representation for LGBT+ people. Leaders, whether they be in politics or the media, who give a message of diversity and equality are of great importance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

They influence Ireland for the greater good and move our society towards a more inclusive and equal state.
The GALAS also celebrate our rich and innovative culture, honouring the entertainers, artists, writers, and events that go into making Ireland a vibrant and exciting place to be. The awards celebrate entertainers and broadcasters in the public eye who are happy to be out and proud, giving a message of hope and inclusiveness to everyone watching.

Below are some FAQs about the event: 

When did the 2019/20 nominations close?
At 5 pm on Sunday 8th December 2019.

Who can vote?
Voting is only open to residents and citizens of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The GALAS LGBT+ Awards recognise the contribution of individuals, groups, organisations and companies from within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

How does the nomination process work?
The public nominates in each category. A long-list is formed from all nominations. At the end of the nominations process, the long-lists for each category will be distributed to LGBT+ organisations throughout Ireland. These organisations will select 4 x nominees from the long-list who will make it to the short-list. Shortlisted nominees are selected using the reasons provided in the nominating process and judged against a clear selection criterion provided by the National LGBT Federation.

Is there a public vote for the winners?
Winners in all categories except Arts/Entertainment, Public Figure & International Activist are chosen by the board of the National LGBT Federation. The winner of the Arts/Entertainment Award and the Public Figure Award will be chosen by a public vote.

Is food served at the event?
Canapés will be served along with a drinks reception from 7 to 9 pm. (There is no sit-down meal).

Is there a bar at the event?
Yes, there is full bar service before the ceremony kicks off, but table service only during the event, to cut down on noise. Last orders at 1.30 am.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Yes, it is important to bring your ticket(s). Even a screengrab of your ticket on your phone will be great. We do find that the Eventbrite app is good but people sometimes delay in accessing it at the ticket area.

How long is the award ceremony?
Drinks and canapes- 7-8pm, Awards 8pm- 10pm.

Is there an after-party?
Yes, there will be a DJ in the same venue, with a full bar until 1.30 am.

Is there a dress code? Is this a formal black-tie event?

It's not strictly a black-tie event, but dress to impress!

I have made it to the shortlist. Do I get a complimentary ticket?
Yes, you are entitled to a complimentary ticket. You will be emailed with the promo code that you can use on the seat map. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a complimentary ticket for your guest(s).

I've bought a ticket already, but now I'm on the shortlist/ my group is on the shortlist. Can I get a refund?
Thanks for buying early! Email thegalas@nxf.ie to get in touch about this.

I can't seem to buy more tickets when I use my promo code?
Correct. You have to log-in once and use your code for a complimentary ticket, then login in a second time to buy additional tickets at the table you have chosen.

What's the best way to get seats all together at the same table?
Do not fill in the number of tickets you need with the pull-down tabs on the ticketing site. Instead, click on GET SEATS - this will bring you straight into the seat map and you can pick your seats.

I picked four seats but my receipt says that they are not together. How do I correct this?
See the previous question. If you pick seats from the pull-down tabs and then go to GET SEATS button, you will be brought to the seat map. On the right-hand side will be the number of seats out bought and where they are seated. If you don't like them just press the trash button beside each ticket and then pick your seats on the map. They will come up on the right-hand side of the page after you pick each seat. Then continue to checkout.

I want to get a table of 10 but they are greyed out or unavailable?
These tables are either booked out already or reserved. If the reservation is cancelled these tables will be released.

What is the closing date for ticket sales?
When all the seats are sold, we will close off sales. Seats have been put on sale up until the day of the event itself, but normally are sold out a week before the event.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Will there be gender-neutral bathrooms?
Yes, all bathrooms will be marked gender-neutral.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Email thegalas@nxf.ie with any queries